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2017 Parent Handbook

If your family has any further questions, concerns, or needs a further explanation of any item within this handbook, please do not hesitate to call our camp office at (801) 263-CAMP(2267). We hope this handbook helps to simplify your summer camp experience. We are looking forward to a fantastic summer with your family! THANK YOU for trusting us with your camper, we will do our best to offer the best summer experience possible!


Welcome Letter

Mission Statement

Day Camp Age Groups

Registration and Payment Information

Safety Policies and Emergency Procedures

Drop Off & Pick Up


Camper Citizenship and Rules

Family Involvement

Field Trips

Camper Belongings


Cancellation Policy

Camp T-Shirts

Day Camp Overnights

Teen Camp

CIT Program

Travel Camp


Dear Camp Family,

Welcome to Wasatch Kids Summer Camp Experiences! We will make every effort to ensure you have the best summer experience possible for your camper and family. This Camp Handbook is designed so that each family has a full understanding of our camp policies and procedures and to ensure that we meet our goal of offering the best summer possible for our campers. Please take the time to read this handbook carefully and discuss its contents with your family. We look forward to this upcoming summer with many unique and innovative camp experiences for your camper. Thank you for selecting our camp, and we look forward to your family becoming part of our family!

Sincerely, Your Camp Directors and Staff


Our goal is to provide an amazing summer camp experience for kids of all backgrounds. We will provide a safe environment where kids can spend their summers with positive role models, while developing their social skills as they make new friends. We will help kids gain an appreciation for the community they live in and respect for the environment around them. We will achieve these goals by exposing our campers to new places, experiences, and ideas. Our camps will allow kids the chance to create fun memories and have an incredible summer camp experience.

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Our Trailblazers Day Camp provides a stimulating summer environment with personal guidance. We want your child to grow physically and emotionally during this most impressionable age. Our devoted counselors nurture each Trailblazer during this process of personal growth. Wasatch Kids Camps offers each camper safety, warmth and personal attention, and daily activities that offer innovative experiences and allow their energetic and eager-to-learn personalities to thrive.



Our Pathfinders Day Camp is all about having fun, keeping on the go, and growing in independence. We love this age group because they are so excited about exploring and trying new things while making lasting friendships with both their peers and our amazing staff. Let have another amazing non-stop year with our Pathfinders!!



Our Cruiser Day Camp seeks to promote identity development, increased responsibility, and creating and sustaining friendships. These campers' creative minds and constructive curiosity make for good times and personal growth. New friends, awesome counselors, and fun field trips are sure to make this summer one to remember!



Our Explorers Day Camp understands that the more mature camper already has a certain identity, but still strives for a sense of individuality. Our experienced counselors assist in personal growth by being daily mentors and motivators. Our weekly activities create the opportunity to succeed, while instilling the "If I can do this, I can do anything" approach in our Explorers. Every summer we hear the phrase, "This is the coolest summer I have ever had!" and it is our continuing goal to hear it again!



Our Teen Day Camp is our newest age group in camp, and we couldn't be more excited about this addition! We understand and value the need for independence and responsibility in our oldest campers and, because of this, provide them with the opportunity to take part in the activity planning process each week. From swimmimg to camp-outs to everything in-between, teens are sure to make amazing memories that will last a lifetime!



We are thrilled to have travel camp back at Wasatch Kids!! These campers are all ages (almost) and they are always up for a road trip! We have amazing trips to Moab planned along with some other very exciting destinations. Travel Camp will have a dedicated bus just for them and an amazing staff that is stoked to go on some amazing trips! Each camp will be 5 days and 4 nights and all meals and activities will be provided. SO...if your camper loves the outdoors and camping then sign them up for TRAVEL CAMP! Don't miss out! Each trip will have 20-35 campers and 5 adults over 18.


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Wasatch Kids requires a $45 registration fee and the first weeks tuition to be paid for before registration will be considered complete. There are also additional online forms that must be completed prior to registration being complete. These forms can be found within your registration portal. Again, we will not hold your child's place in camp until the process is complete.


The default payment option is that our office will charge the credit card you use when you pay your registration fee online. This card information will be kept on file and private. (All we can see are the last 4 digits.) Then on the Monday of each of the weeks you registered for we will run your card for that week's tuition. If you wish to update or change this card please contact the office. Other options are:
  • Automatic check payments through your bank to our office sent at least one week prior to the week you're paying for
  • Payment by check (for any number of week's tuition) mailed to our office or handed to one of our staff in camp at least one week prior to the week(s) you're paying for
  • Payment in cash (please call the office if you are giving cash to our staff in camp and request a receipt at the time of payment)
  • Please contact the office with any questions regarding payments. Our staff in camp will not know payment information. Thanks!


    You have to pay for what you sign up for! There will be no credit for time that a camper misses camp due to illness, vacations, or days off from camp. An agreement about this will be electronically signed during your online registration.

    If there is availability, we will allow families to exchange weeks during the same summer. If you cancel a week of camp without at least 30 days notice there will be a minimum charge of $50. If no one is found to fill your spot, you will be charged the full amount.

    No refunds will be given if your child is suspended from camp. If a camper is suspended or expelled from camp, the family will be held responsible for all fees stated on the contract. Make sure to review the Wasatch Kids Camps Life Skills & Bus Skills form carefully with your child.


    If you have not made your payment in full by the Tuesday of the week registered for you may be charged a daily late payment fee. The fee will start on the Wednesday of the registered week and it is $5 per day. It is through the discretion of the office staff if this fee will be charged based on circumstance and communication regarding the late payment. Communication is key! Please contact our office if your payment will not be made in time and return our correspondence if we are trying to reach you regarding a payment issue. We are much for flexible if there is two way communication.

    Wait Lists

    Register early so you don't have to deal with the dreaded wait lists.....if you do find yourself stuck registering for a wait list we feel your pain and wish we could make it go away. However, our buses can only hold so many and we have to limit our numbers for each camp. We are often asked when we will inform you that there is an opening and you are off the wait list and we wish we could tell you. It could be the next day it could be weeks...we are waiting for cancellations just like you. As soon as there is an opening and you're camper is next on the list we will contact you by email to let you know a spot has opened up and you're in!! If you have changed your mind please let us know ASAP so we can offer it to the next child on the list. You will have 48 hours to let us know you don't want to be registered before you are obligated to that week. If you would like to know the ranking of your camper(s) on the wait lists please email us and we will let you know so you can have an idea of what your chances are of getting in for each wait listed week. If you are stuck on wait lists and never get into any of your desired camps just let us know and we will refund your registration fee.

    5 Year Old Policy

    We will accept 5-year-olds only if they have completed Kindergarten. We have found this makes a big difference because of the nature of our camp always being on the move. We know it's hard to wait but we're worth it!! :)

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    All of our staff members are age 18 or over and have prior experience with children. All staff undergo extensive screenings and training requirements before camp begins, including:
  • Background/Fingerprint Checks
  • Employee Drug/Alcohol Screenings
  • First Aid/CPR Training
  • Emergency Training
  • Reference Checks
  • 16 Hours of WKC Employee Training

    All buses undergo a thorough safety inspection by our certified drivers on a daily basis. All campers will be transported in school buses which are equipped with a fully stocked First Aid Kit, drinking water, and emergency supplies. Each CDL (State of Utah Commercial Driver License) licensed driver has previous experience and has been properly screened and fingerprinted and provided our office with current driving records obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles. In addition, all bus drivers complete our regular staff requirements. No summer camp bus is equipped with any type of seat belt because it is prohibited by law.


    During the hot summer months we ensure our campers' safety with the following:
  • Daily mandatory sunscreen application is given to all campers by our trained counselors. Parents are welcome to apply sunscreen in the morning, but we'll do it again. We also re-apply sunscreen as needed during swimming or other outdoor activities. Our campers are required to bring SPF 50+ lotion sunscreen(no spray please) on a daily basis. If your camper does not bring sunscreen we will provide some and inform you that they need to bring it the next time they attend camp. If they fail to bring it the next time they attend camp we will give them a bottle from our camp store and charge your account $10. Please help your camper with this important responsibility. Please label the sunscreen with tape and a permanent marker!
  • Water bottles
  • Water bottles are required of all campers. Many of our campers like to freeze their water bottles so they have a cool drink all day long, but regardless of the temperature, we encourage our campers to drink, drink, and drink some more! Please label these with tape and a permanent marker!


    The following policies and safety precautions are in place to promote safety while traveling to various field trips throughout the valley:
  • Wristbands
  • All campers will be required to wear a Wasatch Kids Camps wristband at all times while in camp. This wristband identifies our campers and contains the WKC telephone number. All campers are instructed on what to do in case of separation from the group, and we educate our campers to know where to go for help and who to ask depending on our location. These wristbands stay at camp. If your camper accidentally brings one home please return it when you can. Thanks!
  • Counts
  • Our counselors conduct regular camper counts to ensure that we always have our entire group of children. Sometimes, for public field trips, our campers will be divided into smaller groups and assigned to a specific counselor for a period of time. Campers and staff will never be in a one on one situation without being in view of other WKC staff or campers.


    Every camp supervisor and bus driver will carry a cell phone with them at all times. These cell phone numbers can NOT be given out to families. However, you may contact your camper through the office when needed. Please respect these private phone numbers. With the exception of Teen Camp, campers are prohibited from bringing cell phones to camp. We are not responsible for items not allowed that are brought to camp. We want to encourage campers to interact with those around them and their environment. We survived childhood without a phone, they can too. :)


    Our staff members alway participate in all activities, including swimming, to allow them to catch problems and resolve them before they arise. Our TrailBlazers (ages 5-7) swim only in zero-depth entry pools so our little ones stay safe. We also do weekly swim lessons with our Trailblazers at a designated pool with trained staff in order to help them develop their swimming skills.

    Reservoirs: Occasionally, our campers go to reservoirs for field trips. These trips involve swimming and may, on occasion, involve participation in riding with a trained counselor on Jet Skis. Certified life jackets are provided and are ALWAYS required when our campers are on or in the water. Your camper is welcome to bring their own life jacket but please label it well!


    Our ratios are the best in the state! This ensures the safety of our campers during all of our amazing field trips.
  • Trailblazers (age 5-7) Ratio 1:8
  • Pathfinders (age 8-9) Ratio 1:10
  • Cruisers (age 10-11) Ratio 1:10
  • Explorers (age 11-13) Ratio 1:12
  • Teen Camp (age 13-16) Ratio 1:14
  • Travel Camp (age 6-16) Ratio 1:7 or less

    Medication that your camper needs during camp is only administered by staff. Any type of prescription or nonprescription drug or medicine that needs to be administered to a camper during any summer camp experience must be administered by a staff member. No camper is allowed to medicate themselves or to carry any medication with them (with the exception of epi-pens or diabetic supplies as authorized by a parent). All medicines need to be given by an authorized adult to the staff with a Medication Release Form (found on website) with written instructions explaining dosage and time of dosage. Parents may receive copies of these forms at any time. Medicines will be stored out of the reach of campers at all times with a group supervisor.


    Each camp always carries a First Aid Kit that is stocked with essential items. Each staff member is certified in Child CPR and First Aid. If a camper sustains a minor injury, our staff will fill out an incident report and inform the parent of the injury by phone or at pick-up depending on the severity of the injury. If a camper sustains an injury that requires immediate professional medical treatment, we will contact the parents immediately to discuss options. In the case that a parent can not be reached, we will contact the emergency contacts listed by the parent. If an injury has the potential to be life threatening, we will immediately seek professional medical help and then will contact the parents/emergency contacts. Incident Reports will be filled out by staff members in case of any significant injury sustained by a camper. You can request a copy of your child's Incident Report at anytime through our office.


    Emergency contact information for your child is kept with you child's group at all times in case of an emergency. Our supervisors and staff are all trained in emergency procedures. In case of an emergency or natural disaster, all staff are trained in how to ensure the safety of our campers. Emergency plans, phone numbers, and safety policies are accessible to staff members at all times. Emergency drills are conducted with our campers on a regular basis in order to make sure our campers know what to do in case of an emergency. If there is an emergency and we can't communicate with individual camps or parents our staff are trained to meet up at our main location (Salt Lake Arts Academy 844 S. 200 E.) if they can do so safely. That is where you can go to find your child in such an emergency.

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    Every camper must be signed in and out of camp EVERY day by an authorized individual. Parents may authorize, in writing, that children over the age of 12 may be signed out by a Wasatch Kids Staff Member if they are walking to/from camp. Only authorized individuals are allowed to pick-up children from our camp. At pick-up time our staff may also wish to discuss any circumstances or situations that occurred during the day that they believe the adult should be aware of. If the individual picking up the child is not recognized by our staff we will require picture ID to ensure that they are one of the authorized adults to pick-up the child listed on each sign in/out sheet. You must pick-up and drop-off your child at the same site unless the office has given prior authorization for the change.

    Late Pick Up

    Please have your child to the appropriate site by the departure time listed. It's not fun to chase the bus! Also, please try to pick-up your child at the end of the day prior to closing. You will be charged $10 for every 10 minutes that you are late picking up your child at the end of the day. You may pay the counselor or the office for this late fee. If you would like a different individual to be authorized to pick up your child in case of extraordinary circumstances, please contact our office and we can relay the authorization to the site counselor.


    We discourage families from picking up their camper(s) at field trips throughout the day. Our field trips are held in various locations and it is difficult to meet families at a prescribed time because of traffic, locations, etc. If a family needs to drop off or pick up their camper during a field trip, please telephone the Camp Office. Our office will contact the supervisor and let them know your intentions. We will schedule a time that is appropriate and convenient for camp. If you ever drop off or pick up a camper from a field trip, it is imperative that you let the supervisor of that particular camp know immediately and sign your child in or out with that supervisor. We are held accountable for every camper. One extra or missing camper can cause major complications for the entire camp. There are some times during the day that our camps are en route to a different location, these are blackout times for early pick up and we thank you for understanding.

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    Communication is key to camp being successful and enjoyable for campers, families, and staff.


    To kick off every summer, we offer a Camp Picnic for registered or interested camp families. This allows campers to become familiarized with other campers and staff members before the first day of camp. We will hand out your camper's t-shirt at this event. In addition, we will have lots of food, face painting, balloon twisting, group games and such, so be prepared for fun! We will provide hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and drinks for everyone. If you can, bring a side or dessert to share. An RSVP is encouraged when you register but not required to attend. Details of this event are found on our website.


    Call our office first if you have any questions or if you need to relay a message to your child. We can always contact our camps by cell phone to relay necessary messages.


    If any information changes during the summer months (address, contact telephone numbers, etc.), please contact our Camp Office so we can make the appropriate changes and inform our staff. If a family status changes in any way, please let us know so we know whom to communicate with and how to address the camper.


    Please look at your camper's weekly/daily schedule each day to know what they are doing and what items are needed. These are found on our website. Schedules are subject to change as we are finalizing plans and confirming activities. Please do not print them off until the Friday before the week they are to attend to avoid having outdated information. It is very important communicate the information on the schedule to your camper so he/she will be prepared to participate in camp.


    If families have any concerns with camp, staff, campers, etc., please contact our Camp Office. We will address those concerns, or direct the concern(s), to the appropriate person(s) in camp. If a family has any questions about fees or payment(s), please telephone the Camp Office. Our counselors do not have answers to any financial/account questions.

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    Wasatch Kids Camps want parents and campers to understand the basic requirements and/or citizenship every camper should maintain during camp. Understanding and adhering to our Camper Citizenship Program helps ensure a safe and positive environment for every camper.

    1) Be positive and willing to try new experiences

    2) Support each other at all times

    3) Help others whenever you can

    3) Respect everyone and everything

    4) Refrain from using undesired language or gestures

    5) The use of alcohol and drugs is prohibited

    6) Be prepared every day

    Our staff will practice our Camper Citizenship Program every day and will guide all campers by example. Each camper should attend our summer experience with the understanding of the importance of following the guidelines prescribed in order to be a positive camp participant. We reserve the right to suspend or expel any camper from any activity or summer camp experience if the camper chooses not to adhere to the Camper Citizenship Program. Suspension or expulsion will occur only after all alternative courses of action have been exhausted by the staff and the involved family. Immediate suspension or expulsion will occur if any camper is a safety risk to his/herself, other campers, or staff members or if any of the Zero Tolerance guidelines are violated.


    There will be no...
  • obscene language/gestures
  • weapons of any kind
  • alcohol/drugs
  • sexual behavior
  • bullying


  • cell phones (N/A Teen Camp)
  • personal headphones
  • electronic games
  • matches/lighters
  • inappropriate clothing/literature

    MP3 players/IPODS may be brought to hook up to the bus stereo system at own risk of loss/damage/theft. All music must be camp appropriate-please label!!!!


    Wasatch Kids Camps believes everyone involved with our summer camp needs to understand and abide by the same guidelines during our programs. Campers receive an orientation to Wasatch Kids Camps SIX BASIC LIFE SKILLS on the first day of attendance. Below are the skills that we expect the campers to know and follow:

    1) RESPECT (yourself, others, counselors and property)




    5) TELL THE TRUTH (no matter how hard)

    6) JUST BE NICE and HAVE FUN!!


    The following rules are in place to keep our campers safe while on the bus:

    1) Stay seated at all times

    2) Use appropriate voice level

    3) Keep yourself and your belongings in the bus when the engine is on

    4) Always listen to the bus driver

    5) Leave the bus clean and in good shape

    6) Relax and enjoy the ride


    Our staff understands there may be times throughout the summer a camper may stray from our guidelines. We would like to give the camper an opportunity to learn from these experiences. The following page offers a brief explanation of the four steps our staff will take with the camper.


    A staff member will sit down with the individual camper and and help them identify which Life/Bus Skills they were not following. The staff will ask the camper what some appropriate ways would be to handle the situation if it occurred in the future. Our staff will ask the camper to apologize to the people involved.


    If a camper decides not to follow Wasatch Kids Camps Life Skills/Bus Skills for a second time within one day or repeats the same situation in an undesirable way, the staff will ask the camper to complete an Action Sheet. The Action Sheet has four components that will need to be completed by the camper or staff member. The four components are:

    1) What occurred?

    2) What Life Skills were not followed?

    3) What are some other ways the situation could have been handled?

    4) Who should you apologize to?

    The camper and staff member will sign the Action Sheet. The Action Sheet will be placed in the sign out book so the authorized adult picking up the camper will know an incident occurred. The adult will need to speak with a staff member to discuss the situation with the camper present. At the end of the discussion, our staff will ask the adult to sign the Action Sheet. The Action Sheet will be stored in the camper's file.


    If a camper decides not to follow the Life Skills/Bus Skills for a third time within one day or repeats the same situation in an undesirable way, the staff will either pull that camper out of the current activity or have them sit out of the following activity. The staff will inform the parent/guardian that their camper was pulled from an activity that day. The staff will also request that the camper apologize to the people involved.


    This is a very serious consequence that will occur if a camper decides not to follow the Life Skills/Bus Skills for the fourth time or repeats the same situation in an undesirable way. The adult family member will be contacted immediately and asked to meet with the staff at the earliest convenience. Suspension may consist of one day suspension to permanent suspension, depending on the situation.

    Wasatch Kids Camps believes that when serious, undesirable behavior occurs more than once in a day, the adult family member needs to be aware of the situation. The family needs to be involved so the camper understands the importance of making alternative decisions. If a situation arises, discuss the matter at home. Talk about the situation, the people impacted, and ways to handle the situation if it presents itself to your camper in the future. We have found out that the more the family is involved, the greater success we have in these situations!

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    Our staff asks that an adult family member assist each camper by being involved with their camper's summer experience. Informing the camper of the activities they'll be participating in and preparing them with the proper items needed are very important. We encourage families to demonstrate interest and excitement to their camper about the scheduled activities. The more involved the adult family members are with their camper's summer experiences, the more the camper will enjoy and look forward to attending summer camp.

    If a family has concerns, problems, or suggestions, please take the time and talk with us. Families have many channels to talk with us about the concerns, problems or suggestions. You may talk with an individual staff member, the supervisor of your particular camp, the Camp Office, or with a Camp Director.

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    Calendars are available online and there is a copy at our drop-off/pick-up locations for family use. Our calendars are most accurate the Friday before the week in question and are always subject to change based on weather and other unforeseen events. We will do our best to give you notification if the calendar changes. Please check your camper's field trip and the items needed for each day they come to camp.


    Sometimes we're late! Our goal is always to depart and arrive on time. There are occasions where this cannot occur (i.e. traffic congestion, an extra bathroom stop). Families need to be patient if we depart or arrive later than the scheduled time. Our number one consideration is safety. We would rather be late to an event or late returning than risk the safety of the campers. We do leave on time in the morning so make sure your camper is at his/her site on time or we will leave without your child, and you'll have to catch up to us for him/her to attend camp that day.


    We discourage families from picking up their camper(s) at field trips throughout the day. Our field trips are held in various locations and it is difficult to meet families at a prescribed time because of traffic, locations, etc. If a family needs to drop off or pick up their camper during a field trip, please telephone the Camp Office. Our office will contact the supervisor and let them know your intentions. We will schedule a time that is appropriate and convenient for camp. If you ever drop off or pick up a camper from a field trip, it is imperative that you let the supervisor of that particular camp know immediately and sign your child in or out with that supervisor. We are held accountable for every camper. One extra or missing camper can cause major complications for the entire camp. There are some times during the day that our camps are en route to a different location, these are blackout times for early pick up and we thank you for understanding.

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    There are items that are required for each camper to bring on a daily basis. These include: SPF 50+ Lotion Sunscreen (no spray please), reusable water bottle, and a lunch. All items need to be labeled and placed in a BACKPACK labeled with your child's first and last name. PLEASE pack this backpack with your camper so they know where to find the items they need. It is important for campers to be able to get what they need and know where it is. We don't want to charge you for an item that they had all along. PLEASE consider the following recommendations for LUNCHES:

  • Use a reusable, insulated lunch sack/bag

  • Pack lots of food! Our campers get hungry

  • Pack a mix of protein/carbohydrates

  • Do NOT send caffeinated or high sugar items

    (No energy or coffee drinks please)

  • Don't forget a water bottle!


    If your child does not have his/her lunch and you are not able to bring one to him/her, we will provide one at a charge of $5.00. If your child comes to camp without sunscreen more than once, we will give your child a bottle of sunscreen at the cost of $10. If your child does not have a water bottle, we will provide one at the cost of $2. PLEASE make sure your child has these items each day. Please check our daily calendars' 'Don't Forget' lists online and make sure your camper has each needed item for that day's activities. These lists will be most accurate the Friday before the week in question.


    Campers need to be fully prepared for each activity. Certain items are not allowed in camp. If an item is brought to camp that is prohibited by our camp, the item will be confiscated and returned to the authorized adult when the camper is picked up from camp.

  • Cell phones
  • Pocket knives
  • CD Players/Radios
  • Drugs of any kind
  • Alcohol
  • Handheld gaming devices
  • Gum
  • Matches
  • Offensive attire or items
  • IPOD/MP3 players*

    *MP3 players/IPODS may be brought to hook up to the bus stereo system at own risk of loss/damage/theft and all music must be camp appropriate-please label!!!!

  • Reading Books
  • Appropriate Magazines
  • Playing Cards
  • Appropriate CDs (to be played on bus)
  • Swimming goggles
  • Hats


    Please label all of your children's belongings/clothes before they are sent/worn to camp. Everyday we have campers lose or misplace their items. If the item is marked, it is relatively easy to return the item to the appropriate owner. We are not responsible for any item lost or stolen during any summer camp experience. Our staff continuously reminds the campers to care for their belongings. We recommend that families do not allow campers to bring any expensive item to camp since it may get lost or broken.


    We do not allow money at camp unless it is specified on the calendar. Spending money listed under items needed is always optional. If money is not listed on the calendar, campers will not be allowed to buy things during field trips that day. This ensures fairness for all our campers. If your child is under the age of 10, we suggest sending the money in a plastic baggie labeled with the child's name. It is very easy to lose money at camp, and this helps us to return the money to the proper child.

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    Scholarships are offered based on need. We are a non-profit organization, and we welcome any donations in order to facilitate giving a higher number of scholarships. If you are interested in donating to facilitate a scholarship please contact our office. Donations are tax deductible. Please do not sign up for camp unless you have the ability to pay or until we have determined if a scholarship is available to you. Scholarships will generally cover between 20-70% of camp costs. Our goal is to allow every child, regardless of economic ability, to have a great summer experience. Scholarship applications will be available in approximately January each year. Availability is based on donations received and number of applicants. We will stop accepting applications May 1st of each year. IF YOU ARE APPLYING FOR A SCHOLARSHIP, DO NOT REGISTER UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE HEARD BACK ABOUT AN AWARD.

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    Wasatch Kids Camps offers all families the opportunity to cancel any summer camp week 30 days before that week begins with no penalty. The registration fee will be forfeited upon cancellation. The family will have no further financial obligations with Wasatch Kids Camps.

    If a family decides to cancel after the 30 day grace period there will be a minimum charge of $50. If no one is found to fill your spot, you will be charged the entire weekly tuition.

    If you would like to cancel a week please do so by emailing your request to wasatchkids@gmail.com. That way we will both have a record of the request and an accurate date as to when the request was made.

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    When you register your camper for camp they get a camp t-shirt! The first chance to pick up your shirt will be at our annual family picnic the week before camp starts. After that, we will have the shirts at our main location, and your camper can pick it up there anytime (since they will be there each day to get into their age groups). We will have a list there with the size you chose at the time of registration. If your camper needs a different size, we are happy to accommodate! Please note that these t-shirts are not required to be worn by your camper during day camp, they are just for fun!

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    Due to our new addition of travel camp, we will not be offering camp-out experiences in day camp (with the exception of teen camp). If your camper is interested in an overnight experience, please see our travel camp information for trips and pricing.

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    In 2015 we started a small Teen Camp to accommodate the large number of kids that just don't want to stop coming to camp. The last two years have been very successful, and we are excited to offer another year in 2017! This camp is for ages 13-16, with 13-year-olds having the option to choose between Explorers, Teen Camp, or a mix of both if availability requires. Space is very limited. Our teens will be able to help in planning a good portion of their activities at Monday morning planning meetings. They will have two opportunities to participate in camp-outs this summer, so pay attention to that if you do or do not want your teen camping. Teens are allowed their phones in camp and may use them with permission from the WKC staff member that is supervising them. We are also more flexible with spending money and will allow it without limitations unless it becomes a problem. Our Teen Camp travels with 1 staff member in a 15 passenger van, and the staff/driver will always be 21 or over and have a safe driving record. Teen Camp rocks at WKC!!!

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    Our Counselor In Training (CIT) Program has been growing and growing these past years, and it has been amazing! The program is for kids ages 14-16 that want to come to camp and volunteer in the younger age groups to help out. To be a CIT at WKC, you must have attended WKC as a camper at some point, and you must fill out an application and be interviewed. This program is a great way to have a lot of fun and build your resume at the same time! We take our CIT positions very seriously and we only want those teens that are really interested in helping out and working with the younger kids. Please consider this carefully. If your teen is more interested in being with their peers and just playing, then Teen Camp may be a better option. We will accept 8 CITs each week, and if those positions are filled, you may always alternate with Teen Camp and CIT weeks. There is no tuition for CITs.

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    Pick-Up/ Drop-Off

    Pick-Up and Drop-Off will occur at Murray City park at the entrance off of 5300 South. Drop off will occur from 8-9 a.m. Please ensure your camper is on time. The Bus will depart promptly at 9:15. We will return by 4 p.m. on Friday. Pick-up will be from 4-5 p.m. on Friday. Please ensure you arrive by 5 p.m.

    Packing List

    Our packing lists are a result of years of experience doing Travel Camps. Please DO NOT send your camper with extra things. They really do ONLY need what is on the list. And, if it is on the list it MUST be sent. If you cannot provide something on the list, please contact our office. Assistance is available.

    Spending Money

    We encourage all campers to bring the spending money indicated on the Needs List. If possible, we would appreciate you sending it in a ziplock baggie, with their name on it, in $5 bills. If you prefer, you may pay the office for your campers spending money and we will make sure they get it. At the beginning of the Travel Camp, we will collect all the money and keep it in a locked box, distributing it as necessary during camp. We will let campers know at each store stop how much they may spend. If you cannot afford spending money for your camper, please contact the office so that we may assist. We often have chances available for campers to earn money helping prepare things for camp during the summer and they may be able to earn the money, or we may have a scholarship available for it. Please don't send them with extra money.

    Travel Camp Staff

    Our staff is comprised of our most experienced counselors. Brett and Marcella will be the Travel Camp supervisors this year. They have decades of experience working with children and each have children of their own. They both have experience working in back country settings and have advanced First Aid training, including wilderness survival and First Aid Training. The remainder of our staff is comprised of supervisors from our Day Camp who rotate into Travel Camp so that a variety of Staff have a chance to hang out with our amazing travel campers.

    Social Media

    Travel Camp has an Instagram account and Facebook page that we will be posting updates on throughout the week. Please subscribe to both so we can keep you updated and you can see our great pictures! Other than that, no news is good news!


    Our travel camp bus, Archie, will transport our campers on our travel adventures. It is specially equipped for travel camp and has secured inside racks and exterior luggage racks for our belongings. We also have a Travel Camp Jeep, Ruby, that we use as an extra support vehicle and to occasionally transport campers in.


    Campers are allowed to bring electronics (phones, music players, cameras)to Travel Camp but we take no responsibility for any loss, damage or theft that occurs during camp. We strongly discourage electronic devices and there will be limits on their use. If campers come with phones, they should be sent in waterproof cases or bags, as they are likely to get wet. They will generally be kept turned off, but campers will be allowed limited use of them at designated times, generally on the bus and on some evenings. If your camper is not following the rules regarding devices, their device will be kept by a counselor for a period of time. If your camper wishes to take their own photos during camp please send them with a cheaper camera. You never know and we would hate your family to lose a valuable item. Please do not send video games.


    We encourage parents to only send campers to Travel Camp who have experience spending nights away from home. For 6-7 year olds, we suggest they only attend if they have an older sibling attending or if they have experience camping and spending multiple nights away from home. We usually do not encounter any problems with homesickness, but if you are concerned, you may want to start your camper out on one of our more local travel camps. If a camper ever requests to call a parent we will allow them to do so. We encourage parents to be positive, encouraging and excited about their camper's experience and that generally will result in your camper having a great experience. Even campers who are a little homesick on the first night or two are usually having such a good time by day 2-3 that they forget about being homesick. If you are concerned about homesickness we can often buddy your camper up with one of our staff that will help to ease their minds. Sending a child with a headlight or personal book light and a book to read at night is a good way for homesick campers to fall asleep. Our evenings are also often filled with fun activities such as night games, night hikes, cards, Smores, campfire songs and stories. These all help our campers to feel right at home.

    Tents/Sleeping Arrangements/Gender Separation

    Campers and counselors will sleep in 10 person spring bar tents. These tents are amazing and have withstood many rainstorms and windstorms while keeping our campers warm and dry. We do not allow campers to bring their own tents. Campers are welcome to bring their own labeled camp chairs or hammocks if it is on that trip's packing list. The tents will be separated by gender and there will be staff monitoring the tents at night. We occasionally will sleep under the stars (optional), also separated by gender. There is absolutely no dating, going out, holding hands or public displays of affection between campers at camp. Any relationships will be discouraged and breaking any of those rules may be grounds for your camper to be sent home. Your camper will never be alone with another camper or staff member without being within sight of others from camp.


    We will provide your camper(s) with all meals during our trips. We are known for our amazing camp out menus and kids never go hungry! We will provide daily snacks as well as regular meals for these active kids! If your child has allergies or sensitivities to any foods please make sure you let our travel camp staff know so that we can accommodate accordingly.


    We always take extra precautions while traveling to ensure your child's safety and there safety is our #1 priority. All of the safety procedures explained in the day-camp section apply as well as extra precautions. Anytime we are around water we require campers to wear life jackets. We only do activities or hikes that our camps or staff has done before. We give our travel camp staff special training in emergency preparedness and safety. If your camper does not know how to swim, we encourage you to have them take swim lessons and make sure to let us know about their swimming ability so that we make sure to buddy them up with a counselor appropriately while in the water.


    If your camper takes any medications, you will need to fill out a Medication Release Form (found online or in camps) prior to their attendance. You will turn in this form with the medication in a zip lock bag labeled with your child's name and preferably with the medication in it's original container. We will keep their medication in a locked box and distribute it as needed. Asthma medication or Epi-pens may be kept with the child but a Medication Release Form is still necessary. We will assume that we may give your child age appropriate doses of Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl or hydrocortisone cream as necessary unless you have informed us that you would like us to contact you prior to doing so.


    If your child has a minor injury during camp we will generally not notify you and will just treat it ourselves. Anytime a moderate to severe injury occurs, we will immediately notify you of it. In case of serious injury, we always know where the nearest Urgent Care or ER is and we will immediately contact and seek treatment for your camper. In case of serious injury, the staff and yourself will determine whether the camper is able to continue the week or we will arrange to meet you for you to retrieve your camper. We take special precautions to ensure we avoid heatstroke and sunburn, even on the hottest of day. We have an excellent safety record and want to reassure our parents that in our 10 years of experience conducting travel and day camps we've learned how to keep your children safe. They are in great hands!

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