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801-263-CAMP (2267)
Camposaurus-Flaming Gorge
Aug 7-11


Travel/Set Up

We will head out Monday morning ready for adventure! After hopping aboard Archie, we'll head east toward Wyoming. After a few hours (and eating our yummy sack lunches), we'll circle around back into Utah and arrive at our group site at Antelope Flat Campground shortly after. We will set up camp together and settle in.

Paddle Boarding/Wave Running/Swimming

After we get all sorted out at camp, we'll be ready to have a snack and cool off, so we'll head over to the reservoir to do a bit of swimming, paddle boarding, and wave running. When our tummies start to talk, we'll head back to camp to enjoy a yummy dinner of hot dogs and hamburgers with all the trimmings! Soon we'll be ready to relax around the fire with our new friends and get ready for our first night on the coast of beautiful Flaming Gorge. The stars will be amazing!


Dinosaur Land

We will wake up to a delicious breakfast of french toast, sausage, fruit and chocolate milk--YUM! Then will be ready to travel back in time to the age of the dinosaurs! We will hop on Archie and travel about an hour to Vernal, UT, where we will visit Dinosaur Land and the Quarry until lunch.


After eating our filling sack lunches, we will get to see some very cool petroglyphs! What a fun day! If we get back to camp in time, we just might have time for a quick swim before a dinner of BBQ chicken, salad, corn, and a roll. Then another relaxing night under the stars...


Flaming Gorge

We will begin our day with a yummy breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and fruit because we will want lots of energy for our super fun reservoir day! We will spend the day soaking in the sun with friends, surrounded by amazing views and gorgeous blue water. We will be swimming, jet skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding, sand castle building, and participating in all sorts of other fun beach day activities.


We will take a break for lunch sometime in there and continue our relaxing day on the beach and water. Then, when the sun gets close to the horizon, we'll be ready to make some dinner. Tonight's menu includes soft tacos, burritos, quesadillas and chips and salsa. Fiesta time!


Flaming Gorge Dam/Moonshine Arch

After a delicious breakfast burrito and some fruit, we are in for a fun-filled day. We will hop on Archie and head south to check out the amazing Flaming Gorge Dam, a pretty amazing spot to stand on and look out at the huge Flaming Gorge Reservoir! After that, we'll head a bit further south to do a 2.4 mile hike to find the Moonshine Arch. It is a hidden treasure and the perfect spot to eat our picnic lunches under the shade of the arch.

Flaming Gorge

After our return hike, we'll head back to camp to enjoy the rest of the afternoon on the water swimming, paddle boarding, and going on wave runner rides. We'll enjoy our last dinner of pasta with two kinds of sauce along with meatballs, green beans and, of course, topped with lots of parmesan cheese! Then it's marshmallow roasting time around the fire before we turn in after another awesome day!


Take Down/Travel

It's time to head home, but not until we've had some fun! We will have a breakfast of cold cereal and fruit, then get busy packing up and breaking down camp. After we've loaded up, we'll wave goodbye to the beautiful reservoir and head toward home.

Pizza/Bowling in Park City

For lunch, we will stop in Park City and get pizza at the local bowling alley. Since we're there, we might as well bowl a game! Then it's off to Salt Lake to meet up with our parents and say goodbye to our travel companions until next time! What an amazing week with Wasatch Kids Travel!!