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River Runners-Moab
July 31-Aug 4


Travel/Set Up

Are you ready for another amazing travel camp to beautiful Moab, UT?! We will head out this morning and travel to Southeast Utah for adventure and fun. We will have our sack lunches on the road and be to Moab before we know it! We'll pull up to our super cool campground right on the banks of the Colorado River and set up camp! Once we're settled in, we'll hop back on Archie and head over to the Museum of Moab to get an introduction to this amazing area.

Museum of Moab/ Rotary Park/Youth Garden

There we will learn a little about the history and what Moab has to offer. Then we'll drive to the Rotary Park and Youth Garden (where they have some huge outdoor musical instruments to play with) to get out some of our energy before dinner back at camp. Speaking of dinner...how do hamburgers and hot dogs with some delicious sides sound to fill our bellies before bed? We will sleep well tonight as we dream of the adventures to come this week!


Negro Bill Canyon Hike

We will wake to a delicious breakfast of french toast, sausage, fruit and chocolate milk to get the day started right. After we've eaten and gotten ready for the day, we'll make sure we've got our hiking shoes on so we can head over to do the Negro Bill Canyon Hike and rock scrambling. It will be a fun two miles to the Morning Glory Bridge, the sixth largest natural stone bridge in the United States, with a span of 243 feet!! Cool!!

Moab Aquatic Center

During the hike, we'll stop to have our sack lunches and look around at all the natural wonders. After our hike we'll be ready to cool off with a fun afternoon at the Moab Aquatic Center Pool and waterslides. Once we're done swimming, we will be ready for a delicious dinner back at camp. Tonight's menu is soft tacos, burritos, quesadillas and chips and salsa. Yummy! Then another night under the stars...


Colorado River Rafting

We are up bright and early today for a quick breakfast of cold cereal, granola bars, fruit and PB toast. Then we will grab what we need so we can be ready when the river rafting company shuttle bus picks up to travel up the river so we can begin our very exciting ride down the beautiful Colorado River! We will stop midday to enjoy a lunch buffet provided by the river guides on a sandy beach.

Shopping/Pizza Dinner

We'll float the afternoon away (with the occasional rapid) until we reach the end of this river adventure and hop back on the shuttle to get back to camp. After we rest for a bit, we'll head into town to do a little souvenir shopping and then enjoy a yummy dinner at the local pizzeria! What a fabulous day in Moab!


Hunter Canyon Trail Hike

Today will be an adventure! We will start out right with a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and fruit before we hop on Archie for our first excursion--hiking the Hunter Canyon Trail. We will boulder hop and scramble our way along the trail. And of course, don't forget to keep your eyes out for Hunter Arch, a 74 ft high opening in the mountainside. We will head back to camp for lunch today and make some yummy sandwiches with sides to fuel our afternoon.

Mill Creek Natural Rock Slides

When we're ready to go, we will head over to the Mill Creek trail head for a short walk to get to some very cool natural rock slides and pools. We will not want to leave, but we'll be happy to get back to camp to enjoy our dinner of pasta with two kinds of sauce along with meatballs, green beans and, of course, topped with lots of parmesan cheese! Then we'll settle down to enjoy our last night on this super awesome River Runners trip!


Take Down/Travel

It's time to pack up and wave goodbye to our neat little riverside campground. But before we go, we'll have a yummy breakfast of build-your-own breakfast burritos with choices like eggs, potatoes, cheese, sausage, and salsa. On our way home, we'll stop for lunch in Price.

Price Wave Pool

While we're there, we might as well put on our swimsuits one more time to experience the awesomeness of the Price Desert Wave Pool. Then it's back on Archie to finish our last leg to get home. What a way to end our Moab adventures of 2017!!